Where creative gifts are used for the glory of God.

Worship is not simply singing a few songs before the preaching. It is an act of bowing down our hearts in humility and gratefulness before the God of the universe. Many believe that praising God in song is the most important aspect of any church service. It places God in His rightful place as The Supreme One and worthy of all honor. 

Worship is praising God for all that He is and ever will be. He is the sustainer of life, the very breath in our lungs, and the fulfiller of all hope. When we lift our voices to Him, in one accord, something marvelous takes shape. God's creation actually blesses Him. Of course, worship does not end when we leave the sanctuary. Worship continues in our lives as we offer up every aspect of who we are to God; our thoughts, our speech, our actions all can be acts of worship if done to glorify Him. This is worshiping God in truth in Spirit.

At New Heights we have a cross blend of a contemporary and traditional worship service.  Some days the emphasis is on hymns, while on others we sing songs by contemporary artists as well as our own original worship offerings.We enjoy a multi-generational congregation, so the music reflects the different passions and tastes of those who attend. We endeavor to be led by the Holy Spirit in all our services, both in the praise and teaching times.


WORSHIP VIDEOS to help you and your family worship at home!


GOD MY ROCK – I feel that the times we are living in right now are like the ocean with massive waves breaking over our bow, but the best way to survive these seas is to turn and face the waves head on, “lean into them” as we “lean into the Lord” to strengthen us during these incredibly “high seas”.


WHOM SHALL I FEAR – Romans 8:31 all day long.  “If God us for us, who can be against us?”


GLORIOUS DAY – No matter how bad it gets, remember, God WILL RETURN for His people, and it will be an awesome, GLORIOUS DAY!!


FROM THE INSIDE OUT – Our transformation to Christlikeness must be beyond “skin deep”, It must consume our heart, soul, and mind.


HIS MERCY IS MORE – a modern hymn about the mercy and forgiveness of God, EVERY day (“new every morn”).


KING OF MY HEART – God is GOOD to His people.  He deserves to be on the throne of our life!


HOLY,HOLY,HOLY – This is a great arrangement to meditate by.  Find a time to be STILL (not quiet, but STILL) and just soak up the Spirit thinking about the Holiness of God.